Green/Blue/No Drops

“.. Our view is that the Blue Drop, Green Drop and No Drop programmes be reactivated with vigour…”
(Minister of Water & Sanitation, Engineering News, 29 Sept 2020)

Purpose of workshop:
To inform and engage municipalities, public works, private institutions, water boards and sector partners on the revival of the incentive-based regulation, including the road map and criterion that will be applied during the roll out of the Blue and Green Certification programme in the years 2021 and 2022 . The session will allow participants to share their views and contribute to the successful roll out of the BD/GD programme going forward.

Targeted audience:
Local Government (Municipal Managers, Technical Managers, Scientific Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Risk Managers, Health officials & Process Controllers), Catchment Management Agencies, Public Works, Private institutions, Water Boards, SALGA, CoGTA and National Treasury.