Student Paper & Poster Competition.

Who is eligible?

  • Any full-time or part-time Masters or PhD student who will be present a paper or poster on their research at WISA2020
  • The student must:
    • Have been a registered student at the time when they submitted their abstract for WISA2020

What are the criteria?

Popular Prize:
Criteria: Which paper did you like the best in each theme?

  • Delegates can vote on the Conference App

Paper Presenters:

Research 1. Presentation & media 2. Oral communication 3. Background and methods 4. Results and discussion 5. Conclusions and recommendations.
Clear slides. Attention to detail. Clear, appropriate graphs. Professional approach. Detailed and coherent communication.  No reading from notes. Logical answers to questions. Clear, brief recap of rationale and methods. Justified selection of appropriate methods. Results clearly presented using appropriate format. Salient trends noted. Articulate discussion. Results leading into reasoned, logical conclusions. Logical next steps presented with motivation.

Poster Presenters:

Research objective: Is the research objective clear and relevant?
Research methodology: Is the methodology appropriate for the research objective? Is the methodology adequately explained?
Results presentation & analysis: How well are the results presented? Are figure legends adequate? Is the interpretation of data/results correct? Is the research objective addressed? Is the student able to critically assess and analyse the results? Are the statistical applications appropriate where relevant?
Conclusions & recommendations for further work: Has the student drawn logical, meaningful inferences from the data?
Contribution of the research: Is the research relevant, can it be applied, is it innovative, does it make a valuable contribution to field of research?
Poster presentation
Content of the poster: Is the content clear, logical, engaging the audience?
Visual components: Do they support the content, has colour been used effectively, are they legible from a distance, interesting and attractive? Is the objective of the study is clearly conveyed, without verbal explanation?
General layout: What is the quality of the general layout of the poster? Are Tables & Figures well presented?
Reception of the poster: Does the poster attract visitors and questions?
Explanations and questions: How well does the student handle the verbal explanation of the poster and questions? Does the student understand the questions and answer them appropriately
Overall impression of the poster: innovative, visually interesting, grabs attention?