Southern Africa is facing increasing water demands to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and urbanising population, changing lifestyles, and economic growth. We need to have #allhandsondeck to address the water crisis caused by insufficient water infrastructure maintenance and investment, recurrent droughts and floods driven by climatic variation, inequities in access to services, deteriorating raw water quality, and a lack of skilled water practitioners.
Opportunities can be realised towards positive impacts on economic growth, improvement in environmental, human and animal health. WISA 2020 provides a platform for these issues to be discussed, solutions shared and decisions taken in a Pledge to Action whereby #allhandsondeck call for local and regional players to work together towards a sustainable water future. WISA2020 aim to speed up delivery and bring purposeful feedback to the leadership of South Africa.

Sub-Themes: The To Do List

Reduce water demand and increase supply

Manage resources for a capable ecology

Manage and monitor effective water and sanitation services and infrastructure

Govern and regulate the sector

Improve raw water quality and management

Develop skills and technology innovations and disruptors