Knowledge and technology

Water Utility Adoption of New Knowledge and Best Available Technology: Drivers, Incentives and Solutions?

Water Utilities around the world sit at the frontier of enabling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given their varying mandates in the development and management of bulk water supply infrastructure; water, waste-water and sanitation treatment and solutions, and the support they provide in different municipalities these institutions are directly contributing to SDG 6 on clean water and sanitation. They also indirectly support a range of other SDGS pertaining to good health and wellbeing, zero hunger, life below water, sustainable cities and communities and others.

The effectiveness and success of water utilities in driving water security demands a high level of institutional resilience, skill and innovation. In order to adapt to the challenges of the present and future, water utilities need to be able to implement the best technologies and innovations on offer for the contexts in which they operate.