Resource recovery and reuse

Sustainable Wastewater Resource Recovery and Reuse

According to the United Nations 2017 World Water Development Report an estimated 80% of wastewater worldwide (over 95% in some developing countries) is globally released into the environment without treatment. On the other hand, target 6.3 of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to halve the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling, and safe reuse globally by 2030. As part of supporting target 6.3, the South African Water Research Development and Innovation Roadmap seeks to, inter alia, utilize 75% of wastewater as an alternative source by 2025. This therefore requires a paradigm shift regarding sustainable wastewater management in South Africa to generate social, environmental and economic benefits for all society, contributing to overall well-being and health, water and food security and sustainable development.

Session focus
This workshop on Wastewater Resource Recovery and Reuse will therefore focus on show casing current and past research and development (R & D) work that demonstrates resource recovery and reuse within the water sector. The project outcomes to be presented and discussed provide typical examples of sustainable resource recovery and reuse including implemented case studies in South Africa.