The South African Sanitation Technology Enterprise Programme (SASTEP) is an initiative driven by the Water Research Commission (WRC) to foster the commercialisation and uptake of next-generation sanitation solutions and technologies. The programme coordinates the national system of innovation (NSI) around next-generation sanitation technologies. The programme is working with both local and international technology innovators and providing a platform to assist them with the commercialization of their respective technologies. The SASTEP initiative provides a platform to assist these innovators and commercial partners matched with an innovator, with a platform to demonstrate their technology to ensure it is functional, safe and performs to requirement, and user acceptability. The Programme is also fostering the development of toolboxes such as policy, regulatory, standards and other toolboxes that is able to provide a solid foundation for the emergence of a homegrown sanitation industry that address the nation’s sanitation needs, creates employment, contributes to the GDP and exports to other African nations.