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#AllHandsOnDeck for WISA2020 in December

One thing that we all know about water is that it always finds a way to get over, under or through any obstacle that may stand in its way.

It is no surprise then, that when we realised that the South African government proclamation against gatherings of more than 100 people meant that our meeting in June would have to be cancelled, our amazing team of organisers put the #AllHandsOnDeck mindset into action.

The result is that WISA2020 is definitely going ahead with the same excellent sessions and – pending confirmation – the same excellent speakers. And with the extra time we have, we will be able to make sure that our conference is bigger and better than ever before.

We have managed to secure the same great venue – the Sandton Convention Centre, so all that has changed is the date. The new date is December 5 – 9, 2020.

Why December? After a period of slowing down and isolation, all indications are that this December is going to be a time of re-grouping and reconnecting and starting afresh – a perfect time for us to work together for water.

If you have already registered you don’t need to do anything. If you haven’t registered yet, please don’t hesitate to sign up.

We’re in this together. Water is as important as it has always been, and with the potential economic fallout of the corona virus, we need #AllHandsOnDeck.

See you in December!

Welcome to WISA 2020

Dr. Shafick Adams
Chair of the Organising Committee

The WISA Biennial Conference and Exhibition is the region’s biggest water conference – bringing together water sector professionals and other stakeholders from across the country and beyond. Next year’s conference is expected to be bigger and better than ever before.

Our past conferences have provided a platform to discuss problems and solutions facing the water and related sectors….

Dr Lester Goldman

It is imperative that South Africa embraces a few fundamental shifts around water. Our water resources are limited, and we have to start doing more with less.

Urbanisation is both an opportunity for economic growth and a threat to liveability, and we find that an uncertain future underpins the planning of our cities and the management of our ecosystems. With increasing numbers of people living in metropolitan areas, water, energy and materials need to be carefully used, reused and renewed.